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            Organic Applications and Resources

            New Applicants will be given first priority.

            Renewal Applicants please be aware that your organic certification will remain in effect until surrendered or revoked, regardless of the renewal date on your Product List.

            Please contact organic@nmda.nmsu.edu with any questions or concerns.

            The 2018 application deadlines have changed. Renewal applications are due by your Anniversary Date listed on your Product List. New applications may be accepted at any time. Please be aware that the inspection/certification process for both new and renewal applications can take months, and it is therefore recommended that applications be submitted as soon as possible.

            The heart of the application for organic certification is the Organic System Plan (OSP). The OSP, which includes information about what you plan to produce this year and how, is the heart of the applications below. For a generic example of a completed OSP for crops, click here.

            Please be aware that  production practices must be verified to give customers the guarantee promised by organic certification. Much of this assurance is in the form of records kept during production, records that will be included in the annual site inspection by a trained organic inspector.

            If you are a first-time applicant for organic certification and have questions about completing the application for certification you can email the Organic Program Advisory Committee for help. The Advisory Committee is composed of certified organic farmers and ranchers. One of the committee members will get back to you within a week. Please do the following things to get help: Put “help with organic application” in the subject line of your email

            1. In the body of your email please tell the committee the approximate size of your farm, ranch or processing operation; what are your principal crops, breeds, or products; and your geographical location. Also include your contact information and your preferred method of contact. If you would like a phone call, please let the committee know the best time to reach you.
            2. Send your email to: Julia Conlogue.

            Universal Organic Certification Forms:

            Supplementary Application Forms and Resources:

            Addendum 1: Supplier List

            Addendum 2: Private Labeling

            Addendum 3: Pest Control Materials List

            Addendum 4: Livestock Material Input Inventory

            Addendum 5: Crop Material Input Inventory

            On Farm Post Harvest Plan

            Field History

            Previous Land Use Statement

            Custom Service Compliance Statement

            Adjoining Land Use Statement

            Off-site Storage Verification Form

            Organic Product Label Checklist

            Organic Seed Search Log

            Product Profile Sheet

            Non-Organic Ingredient Compliance Statement

            Natural Flavor Verification

            NMDA Certified Organic Seal (For Certified Items Only)

            Certified Organic Seal
            Certified Organic Seal