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            NMDA News Archive Page

            New Mexico Agribusinesses Encouraged to Register for International Trade Mission (January 30, 2020)
            New Mexico Food & Farms and School Nutrition Day Awards Ceremony set for Feb. 6 (January 29, 2020)
            Preliminary Data Shows New Mexico’s 2019 Pecan Production Reached Record High (January 25, 2020)
            Workshops Announced for New Mexico specialty Crop Funding (January 25, 2020)
            New Mexico Organic Farming Conference Provides Opportunity to Learn and Connect (January 10, 2020)
            Public Should Be Aware Of New Mexico Pecan Weevil Quarantine (December 17, 2019)
            New Mexico Livestock Board Executive Director Appointed (November 22, 2019)
            Healthy Soil Program Education, Outreach Funding Available (November 18, 2019)
            Take the $5 challenge at the sixth annual HomeGrown event (November 18, 2019)
            Firewood Consumers Are Encouraged To Know The Law (October 30, 2019)
            Farm To School Site Visit Held At Bernalillo Middle School Oct. 24 (October 25, 2019)
            Dino Cornay, RW Hampton receive 2019 Rounders Award (October 24, 2019)
            New Mexico Leads Nation In Pecan Production (October 14, 2019)
            Nashville Performer, Las Cruces Native To Sing At AG Day OCT. 5 (September 25, 2019)
            NMDA Extends Healthy Soil Program Pilot Project Grant Proposal Deadline (September 23, 2019)
            NMDA and NMSU College of Aces Present Seventh Consecutive AG Day Event (September 10, 2019)
            NMSU Regents Approve NMDA’s Proposed Hemp Manufacturing Rule (September 6, 2019)
            Pioneer NMSU Horticulturist to Be Named to National Agricultural Hall of Fame (September 5, 2019)
            NMDA Accepting Healthy Soil Program Pilot Project Grant Proposals (September 5, 2019)
            New Mexico – Taste the Tradition Country Store at New Mexico State Fair Offers Local Products (September 6, 2019)
            Red, White and Brews Happy Hours Bring Local Flavor to New Mexico State Fair (September 6, 2019)
            NMDA to Host Battle of the Salsas at 2019 New Mexico State Fair (August 28, 2019)
            NASDA Foundation Awards NMDA $25,000 to Address Pecan Weevil Issue in New Mexico (August 22, 2019)
            Elevate NM Agriculture Launch Event is AUG. 20 in Santa Fe (August 6, 2019)
            Officials Announce Recommendations As Result of VSV Among NM Horses (July 16, 2019)
            Register by July 15 for Americas Food and Beverage Show & Conference in Miami SEPT. 23-24 (June 25, 2019)
            Hemp Manufacturing Act Public Hearings Set for June 27-28 (June 3, 2019)
            Deadline extended to June 14 for New Mexico Ag & Innovation Trade Mission to Brazil Aug. 11-19 (May 20, 2019)
            New Mexico Hemp Growers Must Obtain License From NMDA (May 6, 2019)
            Census of agriculture data reveals young farmers, farmers with  military service play key role in New Mexico (April 18, 2019)
            Japan & Europe specialty food & beverage inbound trade missions set for Oct. 21-22 in New Mexico (March 29, 2019)
            Deadline to register for Mexico HRI Foodservice Outbound Trade Mission this summer is April 26 (March 20, 2019)
            New Mexico Organic Farming Conference announces 2019 award recipient: (March, 18, 2019)
            Ag Reporting Hotline Available to Report Suspicious Activity: (January, 24, 2019)
            NMDA to host specialty crop grant workshops Jan 31 – Feb 7: (January, 17, 2019)
            New Mexico Organic Farming Conference is Feb. 15-16: (January, 15, 2019)
            Repeals of New Mexico Soil and Water Conservation Districts’ election and referendum rules take effect Jan. 1: (December, 17, 2018)
            NMDA is accepting livestock scale inspection requests through March 31: (December, 04, 2018)
            New Mexico Livestock Board has a mission to protect an industry: (November, 30, 2018)
            NMSU Regents approve NMDA’s proposed hemp cultivation rule: (November, 29, 2018)
            New Mexico Pecan Buyers Licensure is in effect: (November, 21, 2018)
            NMDA invites New Mexico ranchers to meet with Mexican cattle buyers: (November, 19, 2018)
            HomeGrown event is Nov. 17-18: (November, 02, 2018)
            Artist Robert “Shoofly” Shufelt and weaver Irvin Trujillo are 2018 Rounders Award recipients: (October, 25, 2018)
            NASDA elects New Mexico Ag Secretary Jeff Witte as President: (September, 13, 2018)
            First-ever NEW MEXICO–Taste the Tradition Chef Ambassadors announced: (September, 11, 2018
            AG Day partners with Las Cruces Country Music Festival: (September, 01, 2018)
            NMDA receives award for exemplary contributions to dam safety in New Mexico: (August, 08, 2018)
            NMDA’s Red, White and Brews Happy Hours return to New Mexico State Fair: (August, 07, 2018)
            Joe Kenmore receives first-ever Agriculture and Food Emergency Management Appreciation Award: (August, 07, 2018)
            NMDA hosts Battle of the Salsas at New Mexico State Fair Sept. 8: (August, 07, 2018)
            NMDA employees to inspect fresh and processed chile products as part of New Mexico Chile Advertising Act: (July, 31, 2018)
            Multi-agency emergency livestock incident training held July 23-24: (June, 30, 2018)
            NMDA accepting proposals for funding opportunity: (July, 10, 2018)
            NMDA offers tradeshow and cooperative advertising funding assistance: (July, 02, 2018)
            New Mexico Secretary of Ag appointed to LGAC: (May, 31, 2018)
            NMDA Veterinary Lab Receives International Accreditation: (May, 24, 2018)
            NMDA State Chemistry Lab temporarily closed due to repairs and construction: (May, 13, 2018)
            NMDA employees honored during department’s annual conference: (May, 02, 2018)
            NMDA seeks members for first-ever chef ambassador program: (April, 24, 2018)
            New Mexico Secretary of Ag Jeff Witte appointed as vice chairman of EPA’s Local Government Advisory Committee: (April, 23, 2018)
            Over 50 people attended Binational Livestock Meeting hosted by NMDA: (April, 20, 2018)
            New Mexico Department of Agriculture staff works with law enforcement on gas-pump skimming cases: (February, 07, 2018)
            NMDA encourages New Mexico seed stock producers to submit bull sale materials for promotion: (January, 23, 2018)
            New organic fee schedule for New Mexico takes effect Jan. 1: (December, 01, 2017)
            2017 Census of Agriculture will capture complete picture of New Mexico production: (November, 29, 2017)
            Eastern New Mexico in-shell pecan weevil quarantine rule takes effect Nov. 20: (November, 17, 2017)
            Industrial Hemp Research Program: (November, 08, 2017)
            New Mexico Feed and Food Rapid Response Team coordinator hired: (November, 03, 2017)
            New Mexico agricultural development, promotional funds available: (October, 30, 2017)
            Three New Mexicans receive The Rounders Award form New Mexico Department of Agriculture: (October, 30, 2017)
            AG Day event combines farm animals, local food, fun before Homecoming game Oct. 28: (October, 25, 2017)
            NMDA works to change the organic certification fee structure: (May, 11, 2017)
            NMDA leads inbound trade mission with Sonora, Mexico: (April, 24, 2017)
            Grant Funding Available to Expand New Mexico Agriculture: (February, 02, 2017)
            Pecan weevil affects residential pecan trees: (January, 27, 2017)
            HD3, NMDA, NMSU announce “Innovation and Discovery in Agriculture and Food”, November 9-10 in Las Cruces: (November, 01, 2016)
            October 22 pre-game event combines farm animals, local food, fun: (October, 01, 2016)
            Organic Program Follow-up Meetings Announced: (September, 27, 2016)
            Public input sought for future of state’s Organic Program: (July, 27, 2016)
            NMDA partners with grocery stores, New Mexico food companies for local sampling events: (June, 17, 2016)
            “Watershed Health in New Mexico” newspaper insert: (June, 05, 2016)
            Registration deadline extended for AgriFuture conference: (May, 02, 2016)
            Farm-kid-turned Miss America among speakers at AgriFuture conference in Las Cruces in May: (April, 18, 2016)
            New Mexico hosts agricultural institute to prep future farmers, ranchers: (March, 24, 2016)
            Secretary Witte: Let’s appreciate farmers, ranchers during New Mexico Agriculture Week: (March, 14, 2016)
            Grant funding available to expand New Mexico agriculture: (February, 19, 2016)
            New Mexico food, Ag companies invited to join trade mission to southeast Asia: (February, 11, 2016)
            Deadline for Livestock Owners Affected by Snowstorm Goliath to Apply to USDA for Potential Loss Coverage: (February, 05, 2016)
            State program tat certifies organic farms, ranches, other food/Ag businesses turns 25: (February, 05, 2016)
            2016 marks 25th anniversary of state’s organic program: (January, 22, 2016)
            Carlsbad kid grows giant cabbage, wins some cabbage for college: (January, 18, 2016)
            State’s top agriculture official to visit southeastern New Mexico following record snowstorm: (January, 05, 2016)
            Dairy Farmers, Beef Cattle Ranchers Urged to Contact Local USDA Farm Service Agency: (December, 30, 2015)
            NMDA hires social media specialist to promote local food, agriculture: (December, 23, 2015)
            NMDA food drive nets more than a ton of food for NMSU pantry: (December, 18, 2015)
            New Mexico farmers donate 2.3 million pounds of fresh food to state’s largest food bank: (December, 10, 2015)
            NMDA offers exporting opportunity at Join Stockmen’s Convention: (November, 30, 2015)
            Shop local food, ag products at HomeGrown holiday event this weekend: (November, 18, 2015)
            Buying firewood in New Mexico? Know the law so you don’t get burned: (November, 13, 2015)
            Local food, ag producers invited to sell goods at HomeGrown holiday event: (November, 04, 2015)
            New Mexico food, ag companies invited to free exporting workshop: (November, 02, 2015)
            New Mexico painter recognized for contributions to Western arts: (October, 23, 2015)
            3rd annual Ag Day street fair brings free farm fun to Aggie football on Halloween: (October, 23, 2015)
            Public picks Las Cruces-made salsa as best in New Mexico: (September, 14, 2015)
            New employee helps test pet food, fertilizer, more in State Chemist Laboratory: (September, 14, 2015)
            New Mexico beer and wine join other local food and drink at New Mexico State Fair: (September, 04, 2015)
            State lab earns accreditation, expands services to protect New Mexico’s animal health: (August, 25, 2015)
            Op-ed: New Mexico ag secretary on ag’s role in state economy, culture, water cycle: (August, 12, 2015)
            New Mexico’s 75 farmers markets good for economy, community: (August, 02, 2015)
            NMDA hosts four pesticide collection events in August to help public safely dispose of pesticides at no cost: (July, 31, 2015)
            Longtime staffer to lead NMDA’s efforts in ensuring quality of local dairy products: (July, 01, 2015)
            Project aims to help New Mexico farmers’ markets, sellers, customers: (June, 30, 2015)
            NMDA ready to help New Mexico ranchers export livestock: (June, 11, 2015)
            Young New Mexican grows giant cabbage, wins $1,000 college scholarship: (May, 20, 2015)
            NMDA staffers recognized for exemplary service to department, community: (May, 20, 2015)
            NMDA implements new standards to regulate sale of natural gas for use in vehicles: (May, 12, 2015)
            March 31: Deadline for requesting inspection of livestock scales for 2015: (March, 23, 2015)
            Op-ed: We’re free to follow our passion, thanks to productive farmers, ranchers: (March, 18, 2015)
            NMDA announces two grant programs to expand New Mexico agriculture: (February, 11, 2015)
            New Mexico’s organic community prepping for state’s biggest agricultural conference: (December, 18, 2014)
            NMDA gets mobile kitchen to showcase New Mexico foods: (November, 19, 2014)
            Planning to buy firewood? Don’t get burned: (November, 13, 2014)
            New Mexico farmer wins a spot in national “Faces of Farming & Ranching” program: (November, 12, 2014)
            NMDA employee works to help stop Ebola spread in West Africa: (November/12/2014)
            NMSU’s Student Gardens earn organic certification: (October, 31, 2014)
            New Mexico farmer one of eight finalists in national “Faces of Farming & Ranching” program: (October, 24, 2014)
            Northwesten New Mexico farmers, ranchers, others invited to safely dispose of pesticides: (October, 23, 2014)
            New Mexican running for national FFA office: (October, 22, 2014)
            Two New Mexicans recognized for contributions to Western arts: (October, 07, 2014)
            NMDA to bring New Mexico foods to Eastern New Mexico State Fair: (September, 25, 2014)
            Central New Mexico dairy farmers named 2014 Farm Family of the Year: (September, 23, 2014)
            Public picks new-to-market salsa as best in New Mexico: (September, 15, 2014)
            New Mexico’s top ag official to serve as voice for farming, ranching in the West: (September, 15, 2014)
            NMDA hosts 20th annual Battle of the Salsas, three other local food events during State Fair: (September, 05, 2014)
            Food drive part of Ag Day on NMSU campus this Thursday: (August, 26, 2014)
            Love local foods? Then you’ll love Ag Day: (August, 15, 2014)
            Need proof that New Mexico agriculture is growing, changing? Head to your local farmers market: (August, 01, 2014)
            New Mexico farmers, ranchers, others invited to safely dispose of pesticides: (August, 01, 2014)
            Agriculture Day returns to Aggie football home opener, Aug. 28: (June, 28, 2014)
            NMDA employee wins national award: (July, 16, 2014)
            NMDA offers tips to stay a step ahead of mosquitoes this season: (July, 08, 2014)
            Area farmers, ranchers, others invited to safely dispose of pesticides: (June, 03, 2014)
            NEW MEXICO- Taste the Tradition and NEW MEXICO Grown with Tradition: (May, 25, 2014)
            Succession Planning PowerPoint presentations from the 2014 AgriFuture Educational Institute: (May, 21, 2014)
            NMDA recognizes two New Mexicans for decades of contributions to state’s agricultural community: (May, 19, 2014)
            Two NMDA staffers recognized for exemplary service to department, New Mexico agriculture: (May, 19, 2014)
            New Mexico farmers taking novel approaches amid drought, new data shows: (May, 02, 2014)
            New staffer helps NMDA make sure you get what you pay for at fuel pump: (April, 15, 2014)
            New Mexico creates agricultural institute to prepare future farmers, ranchers, agribusiness leaders: (March, 18, 2014)
            NMDA encourages you to snap, share #felfie for National Agriculture Day, March 25: (March, 18, 2014)
            Number of farms, young farmers, minority farmers rising in New Mexico: (February, 21, 2014)
            State to conduct training exercise on agriculture, food protection, and public health, March 3-8: (February, 06, 2014)
            New Mexico chile turns up the heat on Denver, Seattle mayors’ food-centrist Superbowl bet: (Jan, 30, 2014)
            New Mexico agriculture secretary to lawmakers: “Farmers, ranchers persevering amid drought”: (January, 30, 2014)
            Organic conference to focus on producing food fiber amid drought: (January, 17, 2014)
            NMDA shares tips so New Mexicans don’t get burned when buying firewood: (November, 22, 2013)
            Two New Mexicans recognized for contributions to Western culture: (November, 18, 2013)
            Contest rewards people who buy New Mexico food and drink: (November, 01, 2013)
            State chemist lends expertise to Las Cruces chemistry teachers: (October, 11, 2013)
            Build your own New Mexico ice cream sundae at Eastern State Fair: (October, 01,2013)
            New Mexico Country Store returns to Eastern State Fair: (October, 01, 2013)
            Public picks Cindy’s Yummy & Healthy Salsa as best New Mexico salsa during State Fair: (September, 23, 2013)
            New Mexico cheeses to be sampled during Dairy Day at State Fair: (September, 18, 2013)
            Local food companies to compete during first-ever NEW MEXICO–Taste the Tradition Day at State Fair: (September, 10, 2013)
            Pizza party at State Fair to feature fresh New Mexico produce: (September, 10, 2013)
            Agriculture Day brings local foods, all-ages fun to NMSU Aggie tailgating, September 7: (August, 29, 2013)
            Shipping New Mexico chile to California? You’d better label it: (August, 22, 2013)
            Sept. 7 marks Agriculture Day at the NMSU Aggies home opener against the Univ. of Minn. Gophers: (August, 07, 2013)
            New Mexico sees growth in farmers’ markets: (August, 01, 2013)
            Retired NMDA employee honored with national lifetime achievement award: (July, 29, 2013)