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            New Mexico Chile Labeling

            The New Mexico Chile Advertising Act inspection program has been updated effective April 1, 2019.? As part of this process, the registration forms for fresh and processed chile have been updated.

            Active registrants can add product with the “added product form”. New product(s) must be registered using the new registration form below.

            Fresh Chile

            If you are growing/selling fresh chile and advertising it as New Mexico chile, you must register with the NMDA Standards and Consumer services division by completing a registration form. The registration form for New Mexico fresh chile must accompany each load of chile. It must also be followed through with the chile to the point of sale.

            Processed Chile

            If you are producing/selling processed chile product(s) and are subject to the New Mexico Chile Advertising Act, you must be registered with the NMDA Standards and Consumer services division by completing the updated registration form.? Registration forms must include an invoice or bill of lading from your chile supplier and product labels.? Incomplete registration forms will not be processed until all supporting documents are received.

            Forms can be mailed, faxed, or e-mailed to:

            New Mexico Department of Agriculture
            Division of Standards and Consumer Services
            Box 30005, MSC 3170
            Las Cruces, NM 88003-8005
            P 575-646-1616
            F 575-646-2361
            E nmchile@nmda.nmsu.edu

            If you have any questions or need additional information,please contact our office.