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            Standards & Consumer Services

            Eggs are shown being inspected with lights. This helps determine the quality of the egg and whether or not anything unexpected is inside the shell (Perhaps even the beginning of a chicken)

            Enforcement of New Mexico’s weights and measures laws and regulations is the responsibility of the standards and consumer services division.

            The division, abbreviated SCS, has?30 employees serving the?citizens of New Mexico. The division’s field inspectors are strategically located throughout the state promoting equity and integrity in the marketplace.

            Standards and Consumer Services responsibilities include the enforcement of many acts. This includes?Weights and Measures Law,?Egg Grading Act, Dairy Act, Weighmaster Act, Pinon Nut Act, and others. Others include?New Mexico Chile Advertising Act, Petroleum Product Standards Act and the rules adopted under it.

            Raymond E. Johnson, Jr., SCS Division Director