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            NMDA Organic Program Information

            Organic produce is shown on a table. These items are being sold to the New Mexico public.

            The NMDA Organic Program provides USDA/NOP-accredited organic certifications. These are for farmers, ranchers, and processors/handlers throughout New Mexico.

            If you have questions about applying for organic certification, please get in touch with us. We can help find the status of your organic certification, or allowed inputs.


            Renewal Applicants please be aware that your organic certification will remain in effect. This is regardless of the renewal date on your Product List. The exception is if surrendered, suspended or revoked, regardless of the renewal date on your Product List. Please contact organic@nmda.nmsu.edu with any questions or concerns.

            All organics applications can be found here.

            For more information about the fee policies for NMDA’s organic program, please read: 21.15.1 NMAC Organic Agriculture

            Email us:  organic@nmda.nmsu.edu

            Postal address: NMDA Organic Program, 2604 Aztec Road NE, Albuquerque, NM 87107

            Program Manager:
            Stacy Gerk

            For questions about certification or changes to your Organic System Plan, call:

            • Rodney Henderson, Inspector/Certifier
            • Lauren Aguirre, Inspector/Certifier
            • Margherita Ehret, Inspector/Certifier

            or email: organic@nmda.nmsu.edu

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