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            Fruit and Vegetable Inspection Service

            Under a cooperative agreement with USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service, NMDA is responsible for providing shipping-point inspections. These are for peanuts, potatoes, onions, and other produce. The inspections help promote the growth of agriculture. This is done by consistently providing accurate, unbiased, and professional information regarding the quality of the products.

            Produce Marketing Act

            NMAC 21.25.5

            Food inspectors view all the food and ensure that it meets the standards put in place to protect consumers.


            Request an Inspection?(via E-Mail)
            Inspection Request Form?(General)
            Download Form & fax to (575) 646-3303 or e-mail us.
            8e Import/Market Inspection Request Form
            Completed?237 is required for all 8e Import and/or Market inspections