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            Marketing and Development

            Taste the Tradition brand New Mexico produce is shown on shelves of local grocery stores

            NMDA’s Marketing and Development Division supports New Mexico farmers, ranchers, and other agribusinesses through a multitude of marketing and economic development efforts and programs including:

            • Market research and development both domestically and internationally
            • Enhancing product awareness and loyalty through the New Mexico—Taste the Tradition?/Grown with Tradition? Logo Program
            • Facilitating federal and state grant funds to support industry-driven marketing projects, scientific research, and industry or consumer education projects
            • Providing quality inspections for produce and nuts
            • Licensing produce brokers and packers
            • Conducting organic inspections and certifications according to USDA’s National Organic Program Standards
            • Providing timely livestock and grain market news data
            • Publishing the annual NM Agriculture Statistics Bulletin
            • Providing oversight and support to industry-led groups such as the New Mexico Dry Onion Commission, New Mexico Chile Commission, New Mexico Sheep & Goat Council, and the New Mexico Beef Council
            • Serving as the fiscal agent for several state-funded initiatives supporting farmers’ markets, farm to school, and on-farm education efforts


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            Jason New, Marketing and Development Division Director