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            Commercial Feed Registration

            Commercial Feeds are all feeds consumed by animals.
            This includes pet food and specialty pet food.

            feed at store

            Commercial feeds, which include pet foods and specialty pet foods, are registered by the individual label. Registration fees are $2.00 per product in any size quantities.? There is a $25.00 annual inspection fee per product. This is if distributed in quantities of 10 pounds or less in lieu of the quarterly inspection fees.? For products distributed in quantities greater than 10 pounds, there is a quarterly tonnage fee of $0.15 per ton. This is reported and paid quarterly.? If you are distributing products in 10 pound (or less) packages, tonnage and inspection fees are required. Packages greater than 10 pounds also require tonnage and inspection fees. Both the $25.00 inspection fees and tonnage fees are required for those products.? There is no exemption for sample size containers.

            The registration packet consists of a completed Commercial Feed Registration application. It also requires complete, legible labels for each product being registered, and fees.? When filling out the commercial feed registration application, all products must be listed by their name. All sizes being distributed must be listed next to the product name.

            Quarterly tonnage reports are mailed or emailed?to registrants before the end of each calendar quarter.? The quarterly tonnage report and remittance are due within 30 days after the close of each calendar quarter.? A report is required whether or not sales have been made.? All quarter reports must be filled out, and the inspection fee must be paid within the 30-day period. This period is the 30 days after the end of the quarter. Failure results in a penalty of twenty percent (20%) or a sum of $10, whichever is greater. This will be due in addition to the inspection fee.

            Commercial Feed Registration Fact Sheet

            Commercial Feed Registration Application

            Commercial Feed Label Revision

            Quarterly Tonnage Report (Feed)