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            Apiary Information Page

            Many New Mexicans enjoy the local honey produced by New Mexico’s beekeepers. However, bees do more than provide honey for our sopapillas and other desserts. Bee pollination is responsible for billions of dollars of added crop value in the US. Nationwide, about one mouthful in three benefits from honey bee pollination.

            The Entomology & Nursery Industries Section is responsible for commercial honey bee colony registration. It also handles other apiary regulatory activities throughout the state. For information about the program, call?575-646-3207.


            Visit these links for information on beekeeping:

            New Mexico Beekeeper’s Association

            Bee Informed Partnership is an extension project. It endeavors to decrease the number of honey bee colonies that die over the winter

            Bee Health – A Cooperative Extension Service site with articles and answers from experts

            Questions? Call 575-646-3207